Who should attend

  • General managers
  • Marketing, product and sales directors
  • CEOs and Deputies of marketing from smaller firms
  • Marketing, product and sales managers
  • Other managers who help plan and implement market-oriented business strategies

What you will achieve

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain marketing and branding
  • Describe how marketing helps your organization
  • Apply marketing activities more effectively
  • Describe basic steps in building marketing strategies
  • Identify the marketing mix
  • Explain the importance of digital marketing to organizations
  • Outline steps to implement marketing change in organizations
  • Explain the importance of networking as an executive

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This course will refine your skills and make you:

  • A strategic, customer centric marketer
  • Astute at assessing and taking advantage of marketing opportunities

Organizations today exist in a fast-paced global environment. For an organization to thrive, it needs to do more than simply ensuring sales volume or wide territory coverage. Business executives today need to gain a deep understanding of the shift from price-led marketing to a value led approach which focuses on the customer’s experience.

The economic crisis, consumer versatility and social media all pose new challenges and opportunities for organizations today. These require a change in direction, thinking and strategy for business leaders if they want their organizations to thrive and exceed targets.=

This course will equip you to develop creative and effective marketing tactics and strategies. These will be instrumental in building your organization’s image and bottom line. Additionally, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to lead a more productive sales and marketing team. You will be better positioned to make marketing an integral part of your organization’s strategy, catalyzing its growth and creating better value for its customers.


Course Content

Day Content


Introduction to the workshop

Session 1: What is Marketing?

· Marketing Concept-Definition

· Marketing as a Process

· Marketing as Relationship Building

· Benefits of Marketing

· Marketing as a Core Business Strategy

· Strategic Marketing Activities

· Technical Marketing Activities

· Marketing Guidelines


Session 2: What is Branding?

· What is a brand?

· Product vs Brand

· Brand love curve

· Principles of branding strategy

· Steps to convert a product to a brand

Session 3: Marketing Strategy

· Theoretical Framework

· Positioning

· Case Studies


Session 4: Delivering Value

· Digital Trends

· Today’s consumer, and their evolving needs

· Digital marketing as an evolving approach

· Improving customer experiences across channels

· Key enablers that allow for digital transformation

· Leveraging digital trends


Session 5: Leading and Implementing Marketing Change

· Marketing as constant change

· Your role as a marketing transformation and change agent

· Best practices of leading marketing organizations

· Your role as a market leader

Session 6: Networking

· The roadblocks to networking

· The remedies

· The responsibilities

· Preparation

· Strategies

· Communication tips to consider


Session 7: Shifting from networking to relationship building

· Building true connections

· Collaboration over competition

Concluding remarks, action planning and wrap-up